March 18, 2008



That is so awesome, its not funny.


Well, *saddles up* time to fight for Liberty here.

El Buggo

Thank you for reporting - it's way more interesting then you can imagine.

My best suggestion now would be to send the other delegates some RP DVDs

Andy White

This fight is just beggining. All these stories coming out from Alaska to Missouri prove that we can still win this. Lincoln went to the convention with 20 delegates. Polk and Garfield went with none. History shows we can still win. Inflation will prove Ron Paul was right the past 30 years. Keep up the fight everyone!

Andy White

The fight is not over. We can still win this thing. The victories of Polk, Lincoln, and Garfield prove it is possible. When inflation gets real bad all these morons will realize how right Ron Paul was. Keep up the fight everyone!


Amazing, enthralling and captivating.

El Buggo

I would like to see more reporting like this. A first hand report from Conventions and so on.

Need help and more reporting to get the focus on the delegation process.

Delegates should see the point, and be easiest to convince how important and useful this type of action is.

I cannot get enough people out of their chair by myself – that’s fore sure. I cannot even spell and I’m not even a citizen.

Start here if you don’t understand how important and useful this is, or if you don’t have a clue where to start:

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